Hiring a professional wedding videographer can be a difficult decision to have to make. It can be an expensive addition to your wedding day, but the footage that will be captured will be treasured for many years to come. In recent years, many of our wedding parties have come to the decision that hiring a photographer to capture images, just simply is not enough to remember the occasion and a videographer is a necessary component to a successful wedding party.

There are many reasons why hiring a videographer can be an excellent addition to your wedding party. The Connecticut wedding catering professionals at Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering have complied a list of reasons why it may be the right move.

Fully Capture the Precious Moments: Your wedding day will without a doubt be one of the most precious days of your life. You are the center of attention and surrounded by all of your friends and family. You have worked very hard to make this day happen which is why it is very important to capture the moment. Video can collect your memories of this day in a way pictures and your recollection will not able to encompass.

View your wedding days through the eyes of your family and friends. You will be the center of attention throughout the night. Wouldn’t be nice to see all of the small details of your wedding just as your guests have seen them? You can see exactly what you looked like as you took your first dance together, cut the cake, and made your wedding toast. The are memories that you will treasure for many years to come!

A Connecticut wedding videographer may appear to be just another costly wedding addition that may not be a necessity. However, you will eventually be happy you spent that little extra when years later you will have the opportunity to have substantial viewing footage of your most memorable day.