There’s only a couple of months until Christmas! My Goodness, how the time flies.

If you were thinking of hosting a holiday party for your close friends, office or business clients look no further than Fitzgerald’s Catering to help make putting together a wonderful party stress-free! Here are a few tips when it comes to putting together your party:

1. Themes: Before the invites are sent out, choose the theme you want for your party. It helps you as you pick designs for your invites, decorations, party favors and even your menu. Here is a website that offers you 12 Christmas party themes you haven’t thought of yet.

2. Invites: As soon as your theme is picked send out your invites ASAP so that your guests can plan ahead to attend your fabulous party. Also, mix up your guest list. Find a good balance so that people will be able to social and have a great conversation.

3. Decoration: Don’t stress about decor. Many may think that their home has to look like its straight out of Better Homes and Garden magazine but do not fear! I say, simple is classic. Decoration with candles, hang candy canes on your tree or fireplace mantle and use colored table linens.

4. Menu: Appetizers are very easy to plan for and easily accomidate for any number of people. Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering has a large menu for you to choose from and we can customize a menu according to your party budget. Our Swedish Meatballs and our Teryaki Chicken Skewers are some of the items that are popular at parties.

Contact us today and let us help you plan to perfect holiday party and make planning it stress-free!

Eat, Drink, and be Merry! Happy Holidays!