In the state of Connecticut, there can be some risks involved in planning your wedding during the winter season. You can luck out and get a sunny brisk day, on the other hand, you can be susceptible to a wintry mix that can potentially put a damper on your most important day. There are many advantages and disadvantages to having your Connecticut wedding reception during the winter months. The wedding catering professionals at Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering, have listed some important elements that you should take into consideration as you plan your wedding.

A major advantage to scheduling your wedding in the winter season, is that you can reduce your expenditures by receiving discounts with the majority of wedding vendors. The winter season is considered an off-peak time for many companies that cater to weddings, which means that you can potentially receive a discount and save a great deal of money. Many Greenwich and New Haven area wedding reception venues, caterers, DJ’s or wedding bands will be available and offer discounts during the winter seasons. However, other components associated with your wedding may actually cost you more. For instance flowers, because they may have to be imported from warmer climates, and any potential additional heating costs if your wedding party is outdoors.

You will have to be prepared for possible cancellations due to weather elements. A few years ago, we were hired to cater a wedding reception at the Gallaher Mansion and Cranbury Park in Norwalk, CT during the month of January. An unexpected blizzard occurred and half of the guests that were arriving from out of town, were forced to cancel their travel arrangements. Luckily for the bride and groom, all of the vendors were able to come through and perform their services, so it was not necessary to reschedule the wedding. If you are seeking Small Business Consulting Services in Las Vegas, NV, we recommend Nevada Small Business Consulting.

This is something that you should take into serious consideration, and check beforehand with vendors as to what their rescheduling policies would be in the event of a weather cancellation. You may also want to consider purchasing wedding insurance. The majority of wedding insurance policies will shield you from forfeiting your deposit in the event of a weather emergency. This will offer you a great deal of peace of mind, and allow you to focus on other components of your wedding planning.

If you are in the process of planning your wedding reception and are in search of a reputable wedding catering company in the Connecticut area, look no further than Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering. We are a professional Greenwich catering company that will be committed to providing exquisite tasting food with fresh ingredients and reliable catering services. We offer full service wedding catering in the New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, areas and beyond. If you would like stress-free wedding event, where you’ll feel as if you are a guest at your own party, contact us today at (800) 368-1823 to schedule your free consultation and tasting!