Connecticut Wedding Catering Styles – Sit-Down versus Buffet DinnerThere are some important factors to take into consideration when deciding whether to offer your wedding guests a sit-down dinner or a buffet style dinner. You want to give your guests the best dining experience possible, but at the same time you will want to stay within your budget. For most of you, this is your first experience planning a wedding and there is a lot to learn about having such a momentous affair properly catered. You must realize that the Connecticut catering service will be one of the largest expenses for your wedding and will be responsible for providing all aspects of your dining experience such as the food, deserts, wedding cake, hor dourves, beverages, silverware, linens, and the list goes on. Your wedding caterer will play a crucial role in the level of satisfaction that you and guests will endure, so you must consider all of the options that you have for your wedding event.

When determining whether you would like a plated sit-down or buffet dining experience, the basic rule of thumb is that if you are having a more formal wedding event, with guests expected to wear jackets, ties, or gowns, then you would be better suited to have a plated dinner with table service. Another decisive factor is the amount of guests will be attending the wedding. The more guests involved in a wedding, will make a buffet style dinner more inconvenient. We at Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering will frequently establish a double-sided buffet line, which will typically accommodate one-hundred and fifty guests within 30 minutes. If you are expecting a much larger amount of guests, additional lanes can be created, which can cause issues with congestion and traffic flow.

The other major determining factor in the decision of wedding dinner meal formats is the size of the event. The practicality of a buffet decreases as the guest list grows. The average double-sided buffet line can serve approximately 100 guests in 30 to 40 minutes. Thus, you will need to add another line for every 100 guests that register. At some point there will not be enough space in the room to accommodate both the buffet lines and the aisle space needed to allow sufficient traffic flow.

The advantages of having a sit-down plated meal.

A customary plated dinner meal is when your wedding guests will stay seated at their tables while servers bring out the meals guests had previously ordered. In our experience of catering weddings throughout Connecticut over the years, the majority of wedding guests would prefer to have their meals served at their tables, contrary to walking to a buffet table and standing in line. Sit-down meals will allow guests to have more time to converse amongst themselves, as they are seated and waiting for food to arrive. It also allows for a consistent time-frame of food arriving to their tables. If your Connecticut wedding reception venue is in a confined space, it can be very difficult for guests to navigate through the various tables and chairs that could possibly be in their path. Plated meals will typically allow a much more relaxed atmosphere during diner time.

The advantages of a buffet style meal.

There are two popular advantages to having a buffet style wedding. The first being that you will have the option to offer additional main coarse options. If you or your wedding planner is not sure of the nutritive habits of your guests, you can layout additional menu options on the buffet table and allow them to choose their meals on the spot. This will substantially increase your odds of satisfying the appetite for the majority of your guests.

The second popular advantage to using a buffet is that it will typically be less costly. Buffets are considered by many wedding planners to be the best option if you are interested in creating a less formal atmosphere. Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering can help you create a beautiful buffet layout with multiple carving blocks and stations and charming arrangements. It’s become a popular wedding trend to plan a buffet wedding reception, since the menu options can be diverse, and quickly replenished allowing your wedding guests to eat at their desired pace and come up to enjoy a second helping.

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