Locating the perfect wedding venue can be an extremely difficult task with plethora of options available in Connecticut. Selecting your wedding venue will typically be the first thing on your mind once you have become engaged and begin to plan out your wedding. As we mentioned on our previous post, hiring a professional wedding planner can come in great handy at this time. Once you have decided on the perfect location to host your Connecticut wedding, all of the other details of the wedding usually seem to develop a little more easily. The Connecticut wedding caterers at Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering are continuing our monthly showcase series of favorite wedding venues by placing the spotlight on The Burr Homestead or Burr Mansion, located in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Connecticut Wedding Venues - Burr Mansion - Fitzgerald's Fine Catering Services in ConnecticutThe Burr Mansion is situated on the Old Post Road in Fairfield’s charming historic district. This area contains many beautiful houses that were built in the 1700’s which can offer an old world aesthetic to your wedding. The Burr Mansion has an important historical significance and was originally built in 1732 and later developed into an estate by the wealthy landowner Thaddeus Burr in 1790. During the American Revolution, Burr Mansion hosted George Washington, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, John Adams and Aaron Burr. John Hancock and Dorothy Quincy were married there in a graceful ceremony. Most of the structure of the mansion was eventually burned down during a raid by British soldiers in 1779. The mansion was then resurrected and returned to its current magnificence by Mr. Burr shortly thereafter.

The Burr Mansion contains 15 rooms and is suitable to host intimate weddings and large weddings alike. The mansion can comfortably accommodate up to 125 people if you are planning on having a buffet-style standing wedding. If you are planning on hosting a sit-down dinner, it can suite up to 95 guests. If your planning on accommodating more than 125 guests, you will also have the option to set up a tent to welcome your party on the property.

Each of the rooms in the mansion is furnished with exquisite details and tall ceilings, which give the rooms a spacious elegant atmosphere. The property is very expansive and contains a professionally landscaped lush green lawns, reflective pools, water features, and gardens. There is a full kitchen available for your wedding caterer, and the bathrooms are large, polished, and luxurious.

The wedding catering experts at Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering have worked countless weddings venues throughout Connecticut and beyond, so we hope that you take into consideration our advice when searching for a Connecticut wedding venue. However, it is not wise to make any final descions based on reviews and information that you have read online. We recommend that you contact the Fairifeld Museum at 203-259-1598 and request a visit. They will be more than happy to field any questions you may have and give you a walk-through of the estate.

For more information on finding the perfect wedding venue for your Connecticut wedding reception or if you are interested in Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering superior wedding catering services, please contact us at anytime for a free consultation. In the meantime, happy wedding reception site hunting!