When you are planning your wedding or special event, one very important element of your party, which is commonly overlooked is the bar. There are many factors that you must take into consideration such as how much alcohol and mix drinks will be sufficient, as well as how many bars and bartenders will be required for your party. For everything to run smoothly it is essential that your bar tender be adequately experienced, so that they can serve your guests quickly but also not over-serve guests. A person who has had too much to drink can off-handedly ruin an event. At Fitzgerald Fine catering all of our bartenders and servers are completely professional and possess many years of experience serving all type of parties throughout the Connecticut area.

The bartenders of Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering pride themselves on their broad knowledge of all types of beer, wines, and liquors. They are also expert mixologists and have a wide array of standard as well custom cocktails available upon request. Our staff also are extensively trained to be personable and friendly among guests of all types of parties from small private events to large wedding receptions, we have got you covered. Our bartenders also arrive well before the party is set to begin and set up the bar to be completely presentable to guests as well as concoct any specialty cocktails that you have requested. Once the party is over our staff will stay as long as necessary to clean up the space entirely and help you load all of the excess liquor into your car or however you plan to transport it. We at

Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering take great pride in our work from the beginning to end of your event. We guarantee that each of our employees exhibit the following qualities:

Knowledgeable: Not only are our bartenders adept at making basic drinks that are commonly requested we often create custom cocktails based off of what a guest wants. They also are able to recommend options to any indecisive guests.

Customer Service Abilities:
Our bartenders always have a ready smile and are constantly attentive and pleasant to you and your guests. They are consistently both professional and friendly.

Professional Appearance: We know how important is it that your party is and all of the hard work you have put in to making sure that everything looks perfect. Our bars are always clean, sanitary and organized.

Strong Memory: With years of experience under their belts, our bartenders understand the importance of remembering who’s drinking what, as well as numerous types of drinks and the details of our extensive wine and beer list.

Responsible Serving: Our bartenders are completely attentive throughout the evening and pay attention to how much each guest is drinking. If they see that someone is drinking too much or on the brink of doing so they will manage the situation professionally and with the utmost discretion. They will also thoroughly check IDs and make sure that anyone has who drunken in excess will not be behind the wheel.

At Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering we understand that having the competent and caring staff at your Connecticut wedding reception party can make or break an event. We make it our goal is to make you feel like a guest at your own party!  Contact us today for your next wedding, private or corporate party or special event.