At Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering, our goal is to generate an extraordinary experience for your family and guests. We customize our wedding menus, service appearance and tabletop presentation to reflect your style, your personal taste and the time of year and place in which your wedding occurs. Our Connecticut wedding catering team brings together all of the elements to produce a successful event. Whether are already in the process of performing your wedding preparations, or you are simply not even sure where to begin, if you are tying the knot this year, Fitzgerald’s can work with you to create a wedding day that will create beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

We have put together a list of popular wedding trends of 2020, which we hope will assist you and provide direction in planning your big day! A growing trend is year is adding a more personalized experience to the wedding invitation process, which include:

Utilizing social media. You can set up a social media account that is dedicated to your wedding day and invite your guests to like or follow the page. This way, they can share with you the voyage from pre-wedding preparations, to post-wedding reminiscing.

Request shared photos from your guests. You can ask your guests to bring with them a photo of a time that you shared together to be displayed at the wedding reception.

Rustic wedding invitation cards. A popular trend for many wedding invitations are cards that are influenced by watercolors and pastel hues, that are light brown and green colored. The invitations can be cut into into unique contours and poster styles, are other ideas to contemplate if you’re looking to construct a very original wedding invitation.