If you are in the process of planning your wedding, something that you must understand is what a significant impact the food and beverages that will be served, will have on how well your wedding party is received by your guests. Many of your guests may be savvy eaters with an enlightened palette, and great appreciation of fine cuisine. This is why it is important to hire a reputable wedding catering company to ensure that your guests come away more than satisfied with their meals.

Making the decision on which foods will be served at your Connecticut wedding reception is a very different process than many of the other decisions you will have to make on your wedding day. Unlike purchasing your wedding gown or designing your flower arrangement, when selecting your menu offerings, you will have to take into consideration the preferences of your guests. The Connecticut wedding catering professionals at Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering are available to assist you during this process by offering free consultations and tastings. You can contact us today at (800) 368-1823 to schedule your free tasting.

In this article, we will discuss some of the more popular wedding menu trends that we have encountered this year. Read on to discover some of today’s hot catering trends for weddings.

Satellite Bars: Install a pour-it-yourself champagne bar for your cocktail hour. A growing request we have noticed for Connecticut wedding receptions is the installation of a champagne station, where guests will have the option of pouring themselves a glass of champagne during the social cocktail hour portion of your wedding party. Beyond offering champagne, you can also serve up procecco or sparkling white whine as an alternative. Another nice touch is the addition of slices of fruits and berries.

Oyster Raw Bar: The majority of your wedding party guests will greatly appreciate a raw bar. Just the mere mention of a raw bar will give your guests a vision of heaps of cold ice, coated with fresh lemons, with an experienced shucker eager to crack open the oysters to retrieve the delicious bivalves from their shells and gently serving them up, will certainly get the mouths of your guests watering.

Use organic ingredients: With many people becoming more health conscience, combined with the growing availability of organic ingredients on the market, it makes sense to offer at least one all-organic meal option for your guests. Many of our previous clients request an all organic meal option such as a fresh salad using all-organic greens served with farm-fed chicken.

Interactive food stations: It has always been common for food stations to be available as an alternative to the customary buffet style. However, you can add a little something in order to create an interactive food station, which will utilize a chef at each station, who will be available to describe each meal in detail and answer any questions of your guests.

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