With the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., into our daily lives, social media has become the most convenient and efficient way to share the information and photos related to your wedding day with friends and family. However, you must be careful not to divulge too much information, or pictures that can be potentially damaging or embarrassing for your guests. If not used properly, social media can often cause more harm than good for you and your wedding guests. The CT wedding catering professionals at Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering have complied a list of potential social media mistakes that you can make, and must attempt to avoid before, during, and after your wedding day.

Posting a photo of the wedding bride’s gown before she walks down the isle. It may be tempting to share a picture of yourself in your wedding gown before the big day, however must you must refrain from taking such an action. Even if your significant other does not have a social media account, he can easily stumble across it by having a friend accidentally show it to him.

Spending too much time checking your social media status, when you should be enjoying your wedding day. These days, many people are far to eager to post information about their wedding day excitement online for all to see. By doing so, you can easily get caught up in your online friend’s reactions and comments to your post, and you could will miss out in being in the moment of your most important day. We recommend that you keep your phone tucked away in order to avoid this faux pas.

Posting embarrassing and unfavorable photos of your guests at your wedding. A wedding reception is an ideal time for friends and family to let loose, have a few drinks, and have some fun on the dance floor. Its not considered a wrong thing to take pictures of friends and family during this time of celebration, however posting the pictures online for their co-workers and friends to view is an entirely different story.

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