If you’re planning a Connecticut wedding in 2017, then catering is definitely one of the things on your mind these days. When you celebrate your special day, there’s nothing you’d love more than to be able to wow your guests with an amazing meal. What many people don’t realize is that catering is much like many other factors in wedding planning. Like the dress, the invitations, the decorations and the photos, catering also has trends that can change from year to year. Many brides think that the meal is one of the timeless elements to a wedding, when in fact there are certain aspects of wedding catering that can become more or less popular depending on what the public wants.

Emerging Wedding Catering Trends for 2017

For 2017, there areseveral emerging trends that are taking the wedding scene by storm. One of the latest fads in wedding catering involves less food and more cocktails. Some couples are choosing to forego the traditional sit-down meal or buffet line in favor of a cocktail hour-style reception. When guests arrive, they have access to a full bar with plenty of bartenders to meet their needs. Meanwhile, several tables are set up with hors d-oeuvres and other small bites. This allows guests to enjoy the food and drinks at their own pace, freeing up more time for mingling and dancing. This trend allows the bride and groom to save a lot of money on their wedding catering expenses. Furthermore, many couples feel that having this type of reception makes the event run more smoothly since guests aren’t broken up and forced to eat at specific times.

Eco-Friendly Catering Ideas

More and more couples are trying to incorporate eco-friendly options in their wedding planning choices. This trend has naturally influenced their choices when it comes to wedding catering as well. An increasing number of couples have taken an interest in whether their food comes from organic sources, especially when it comes to meat and buying local produce. Some couples have even asked their caterer to produce some edible centerpieces to cut down on the waste from their wedding décor. One example of this would be to use a cupcake tower as the table centerpiece. It simultaneously acts as an attractive centerpiece for each table while also holding the desserts for the guests seated at that table.

Finally, more brides and grooms are becoming bolder about the flavors they include on their wedding menus. Guests are no longer expected to stick to the same old chicken, fish or pasta options for their meal at the reception. Instead, couples are incorporating their favorite foods into the menu to give the meal a personal touch. This could be Thai food for the entrée or their favorite cookies for dessert instead of cake. Or, it could be a meal inspired by the bride and groom’s background. For example, a groom who is Mexican American may want a taco and burrito bar at the wedding instead of the traditional fare. It’s a great way to add personal flair to wedding catering.