For months, you’ve planned every detail of your wedding day, but often, the reception gets left off of the list. As a bride and groom, you want to focus on enjoying the celebrations, not worrying about the order of events.

One creative idea is to make a reception itinerary for your guests, especially if there is a gap between the end of the service and the beginning of the wedding reception. Be sure to give a timeline of events to your photographer, caterer, and videographer, so they know how to coordinate their services.

Here’s a sample wedding checklist and timeline you may want to consider!

• Your guests arrive at the wedding reception venue, where they will be greeted by an usher and offered refreshments by the caterer.

• If you are having a sit-down dinner, guests will find their names on tables or given their table numbers.

• The bridal party is announced by a DJ or reception MC. The bridal party is announced in this order: the bride’s parents, groom’s parents, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the maid of honor and best man, then the ring bearer and flower girl and last of all the newlyweds.

• The bride’s father makes a short speech and welcomes everyone to the wedding reception and thanks them all for coming.

• The first course is served.

• The best man makes a toasts. Additional toasts can be made here as well.

• The DJ or live band announces the first dance. Be sure to give a play list of songs to play and songs not to play to the DJ or band.

• After the first dance, the dance with parents follows, or guests are asked to join the wedding party on the dance floor.

• The wedding cake is cut and after the groom and bride give bites to each other, cake is distributed, or is distributed after the garter throw and bouquet toss.

• After several dances the groom throws the garter, and the toss of the bridal bouquet follows.

• Coffee and tea is offered to guests, while the bride and groom change into going away clothes.

• Birdseed, bubbles or rice is distributed (be sure to check with your venue about what is preferred) and the bride and groom leave the reception.

• If an informal after-party continues, be sure to tell participants when and where they should meet. Informal parties can also be arranged for out of town guests or family.

Your wedding reception is a celebration that begins your new marriage! No matter if the schedule goes as followed, or if plans change mid-stream, don’t worry. The reception is about having fun, letting go and enjoying those who have come to support your new marriage!

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