At Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering, our goal is to generate an extraordinary experience for your family and guests. Whether it’s a small wedding for 50 guests or a seated wedding dinner for over 500, our Connecticut wedding catering team brings together all of the elements to produce a successful event. Whether are already in the process of performing your wedding preparations, or you are simply not even sure where to begin, Fitzgerald’s can work with you to create a wedding day that will create beautiful memories to last a lifetime. We have put together a list of popular wedding trends of 2021, which we hope will assist you and provide direction in planning your big day!

Popular Wedding Reception Trends, Best Connecticut Wedding Catering Services

Extravagant floral designs. A popular Connecticut wedding reception expected trend will exorbitant and over-the-top floral designs. From massive hanging installations to towering floral walls, 2019 is the year to let your Connecticut wedding florist go to the extreme and create something remarkable and unique.

The use of drones to capture aerial shots of your wedding. Many wedding photographers are utilizing drones to take photo from overhead angles, which can add a unique aerial perspective to your wedding photo album. Drones are equipped with GPS flight control systems, that allow them to stand and hover in a fixed position, this can be useful for taking video as well. They highly maneuverable and can be equipped to handle heavy photography and video equipment.

Place a GoPro recording device in bridal bouquet. By placing a GoPro into the bridal’s bouquet, you will be able to intimately record very special moments of the weddings, such as the walk down the wedding aisle, as well as the bouquet toss.

Bride and groom 3-D printed replicas. Utilizing 3-D printing technology to will allow you to capture a unique and special memento from your wedding day. You can arrange to have a 3-D replica created before you wedding day, so instead of having generic plastic bride and groom placed on top of your wedding cake, you can have a personalized replica of yourselves.

Selfie sticks and cell phone charging stations. Selfie sticks can be a fun and beneficial tool for your wedding guests to use during your reception party. They allow your guests to take pictures without the need to asking someone to take if for them, which can sometimes be annoying for people who do not understand how to operate your camera or phone.

At Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering, we take a hands-on approach and will work closely with you to create a custom tailored services that will satisfy your requirements, while staying within your desired budget. We can assist you in almost every facet of your wedding day, from selecting the best Connecticut wedding venue, to creating a customized menu that will be sure to satisfy appetites of all your guests. We will be the first to arrive at your wedding party location to preform each of the necessary preparations and last to leave. We make it a point to ensure that you will feel as if you are a guest at your own party!