At Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering, we do a considerable measure of wedding catering throughout the Connecticut region each year. We are consistently booked at wedding venues across the state, such as Wedding Catering Lighthouse Point in New Haven, Waveny House Wedding Catering in New Canaan, and Penfield Pavilion Fairfield Weddings, and we are in the thick of arranging several wedding events at this moment. We understand that each wedding gathering is unique and we work intimately with spouses, grooms and their families to make a paramount occasion that meets their objectives and their financial plans.

For many of our clients, arranging their wedding will be the first occasion when they have worked with a wedding catering company. In this way, justifiably, they are inexperienced, possess a considerable measure of choices to make, as well as a ton of unanswered inquiries. We have worked with many couples over the last 30 years of providing catering services in Connecticut, and we work hard to make the experience as less stressful and troublesome for our clients as possible. If you are seeking Asphalt Paving and Sealcoating in Stratford, CT, we recommended D&B Paving Contractors.

Finding the best possible wedding caterer and choosing which foods to serve on your wedding day can be the most crucial decision you make. The CT wedding catering professionals at Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering have listed a few things for you to consider when arranging the menu for your wedding:

How many guests will be attending your wedding and what types of foods will they be most interested in?We begin by asking – what type of food do you think your guests will enjoy most? What are some of your most loved eateries? The answers we typically receive from clients during our free tastings are “I adore your readied servings of mixed greens!” to “I loathe olives!” It’s you’re wedding, so you need to serve what you like, and that is important to you and your life partner. Did you eat seafood on your first date? Perhaps we ought to have that as a passed starter or as a main coarse for dinner. A few inquiries to consider; Are a large portions of your visitors “out of towners” that are searching for the “New England Experience”? Are a considerable lot of your visitors bringing children with them? Do you think that some of your guests would be interested in double servings? Are a significant number of your family and friends vegetarian or gluten free? ALL are critical for us to understand when planning your wedding menu.

What is your optimal course of events for the gathering? For a fact, I can let you know that timetables dependably get pushed back amid a wedding party. Furthermore, the more tightly the timetable for everything that you need to fit in (photographs, mixed drink hour, supper courses, toasts, and so forth.), the harder it is to remain focused on the timetable course of events. We precisely talk about with you the course of events and timetable that you have in mind, and work hard to ensure that everything will go as scheduled, so you do not have to worry about it. If you have scheduled your party to get outside for a strict 7:00pm dusk toast, in which it is required that your guests be ushered out after dinner is served? We have you secured! Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering is there to guide you and your visitors all through the night, endeavoring to hit the timetable you have set.

Adjust your needs to your financial plan. There are numerous choices to make when arranging your wedding financial plan. On the off chance that plate and dish sets rentals aren’t high on your rundown of needs, Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering can provide that for you. If you want to provide high quality alcohol for the bar, but you need to lower your costs, we can demonstrate to you some incredible alternatives. Would you like to keep the sustenance basic and practical so that you have an open bar and your visitors have free drinks throughout the night, we can do that! We can work closely with you on planning your event with the goal that we can help you have the wedding you have longed for, within your desired budget.

Is your gathering formal or more natural? Will it be in an exhibition hall or in a redesigned antique barn? The style of the gathering and area ought to be reflected in the menu. Additionally, the kitchen gear that is accessible (either on location or leased) will have to be determined prior to the event.

These are only a portion of the numerous contemplations to consider when arranging your wedding. The wedding catering professionals at Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering have the experience and capabilities to guide you through this arranging process and ensure that your wedding day will be go smoothly. At Fitzgerald’s, we make it our goal to make you feel as if you are a guest at your own party! You can contact us today at (800) 368-1823 for a no-cost consultation and tasting. We look forward to hearing from you!

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